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Riley Music Academy Music Cast: Are you sitting comfortably?

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Are you sitting comfortably?

Last week I talked about using your personality type to not only find a way of occasionally stepping out of your comfort zone but also just being at peace with who you are. Pretending to be someone else is never a good choice.

This week I want to explore the idea of the ‘comfort zone’ even further

Firstly, it’s a good idea to understand what is comfortable and what isn’t.

Comfort is not necessarily a bad thing. If you work well and have habits in place to keep you motivated then working in comfort should be something to strive for. The problem arises when things get stale, you lack inspiration, motivation is dwindling and you start to coast. This means that you are not reaching your potential. I realise that last comment sounds completely ‘motivational speaker’ so let’s put it another way:

Reaching your potential is BS because:

  1. Once you reach a target the goalpost moves
  2. Everyone has the potential to do what ever they like – the issue is that we are not all interested in doing things we are not interested in
  3. Who decides your potential anyway?!

Like a minion without an evil genius, I find coasting depressing.

So, I set myself things to do and this gets me out of the funk.

In recent years I’ve found moving outside of my comfort zone more and more uncomfortable but the payoff is usually enough to make it worth while. Some of the payoffs include:

  • Scary as hell, but in the end I enjoyed it – pleasure
  • Frightening, but I got paid and I can take my family out for pizza
  • Petrifying, but I did a good job for someone – a greater good
  • Nerve wracking, but I got some recognition which will probably help me further down the line
  • Awkward, but I got life experience and it has helped my personal development.

If the reward is too small or non existent then I usually say “no thanks”.

Uncomfortable is feeling nervous, opening yourself up, asking that question which might make you look stupid, doing something really hard/impossible, sticking to a task, sacrifice, doing some good ole’ fashioned work, setting a deadline. Anything that forces you to make that gulp noise in the back of your throat!

Much like the ‘death zone’ on Mount Everest, this place is not fit for human sustainability. Decide you’re going to do it, get in there and then get out again!

So if you’re thinking of taking the leap on a project or want to start that idea that’s been in your mind for a while, get going and return to comfort with an air of smugness and satisfaction.

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