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Riley Music Academy Music Cast: Tom Haines Interview – Writing and productivity advice from an award winning composer

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Interview with Tom Haines

Bonus Blog!  Here is an interview with award winning composer, Tom Haines.

tom haines music

I’m going to be working with Tom Haines on a project of mine and I was really interested to find out more about his work so I called him up.  You can watch the interview below.  He not only talks about his work, but explains his writing process, the tools he uses and the experiences/qualifications he has gained to get him where he is.  There is some great advice for all musicians but especially those interested in composition.  It’s almost 45 mins long so you can either download the audio or skip to the meaty bits I’ve outlined below.  Enjoy!

Introduction and Awards 0:01

Tom’s musical background – including a surprise insight into his theoretical knowledge  9:20

Positives taken from working in music education 12:32

Starting a composition 17:10

The day to day tasks of a composer 25:52

Working to a brief (writing for Dance Companies) 29:30

Meeting deadlines and productivity 33:56

Originality 37:50

Future work 41:30

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