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In it to win it

My kids won a competition last weekend. They had to design and colour in an easter egg. Two names were drawn out of the hat and they happened to be BOTH my sons! Coincidence? Yes, but you can draw some very easy conclusions from this:

  1. If you want to win the prize you have to get involved. Okay, so in this case it was up to me (not my kids) to stick the entries in an envelope and mail them off, but if I hadn’t bothered then we would never have won the cinema tickets and the Playdoh (actually…I could live without the Playdoh!)
  2. Play the odds. I don’t buy national lottery tickets but I do make the effort to either support a charity based competition or in this case, a small town kids club which probably has only a handful of entries.
  3. Be proud of your work and show it off. I’m trying to do this more and more. Not because I want acknowledgment or accolade but because I want to practice creating, crafting and presenting work. For many years I have been scared of this. More recently though it has really fired me up. In my kids case, I want to teach them that if they take the time and work hard on something then they can be rewarded and it often arrives later as a welcome surprise.

Here are my boys looking smug:

So there you have it. A short blog this week and I hope you can correlate the relevance to your own work. However, after last week’s vlog experiment I was encouraged to record another. I had a long journey at the weekend so I decided to make use of the time and record my thoughts on travelling on motorways, practicing (quantitative and qualitative), active listening, transcribing and ear training. I also let you know how my gig goes and you can witness my blurry eyes after 4 hours sleep.

I tried to edit it down as much as I could but I was obviously enjoying the company so I babbled a bit!

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